Satellite Navigation – Susan Walsh

On The Move – Life in transit

There are many reasons for being ‘on the move’ including enforced eviction, global weather conditions, war zones, famine, racism, homelessness, poverty, a desire for a better life, a deep sense of unbelonging and – the holiday of a lifetime.   A question which is key to the experience of being ‘on the move’ is one most of us would find difficult to answer.

If you had to leave- what would you take with you ?

Which are the most useful/practical objects for your journey ? How much time do you have to gather them ? How are you going to be traveling  – on foot, by train, car, boat, horse drawn vehicle ? How long will it take ? What will you eat ? Where will you find water and shelter ? What would you leave behind ? How will you contact your relatives and friends ?

Susan Walsh explores these themes and ideas in a new exhibition at Oxheys Mill. As well as displaying a cart containing the items Susan would take if she had to leave home she is exhibitiing lists of items other people would take. There will alsobe a short film and photographs which document the carts journey from Susan’s home to Oxheys Mill.

Writing that list can be an emotional and unsettling experience and it will be interesting to seeing how others respond to the question.

What would YOU take with you ?

Fill out your own list at the exhibition or email to Oxheys Mill studios who will forward it on to Susan.

Satellite Navigation
Thursday the 3rd May 5pm-7 pm.
Continues until June 16th (Friday/Saturday 11am – 4pm)
Oxheys Mill Studios
Stanhope st