60×60 The Presenters Mix 2012

The Presenters Mix 2012 was heard by an enthusiastic audience on Tuesday, 20 November, at the Electronic & Digital Art Unit, University of Central Lancashire, Preston UK. 

A fantastic sound system was specially assembled at EDAU for this eagerly awaited occasion with the 60 x 60 Presenters Mix 2012 being played simultaneously in the four rooms, halls and stairways of the building.  The original sound quality of these 60 x 60 works were only enhanced further by this fabulous sounding set-up which everyone agreed brought the whole venue to life.

This feature was fully appreciated by many of the listeners who moved, somewhat stealthily, in and around the various spaces to experience and immerse themselves in the unique acoustics and characteristics of each area. Three well-placed and synchronised clocks helped to keep a track of the 60 works for those who were keen to follow the artists list.  It was a memorable, unique and exciting event and not to be missed!

One reason why Robert Voisey’s 60 x 60 format works so well is because the awareness and anticipation of a new track every minute makes for a truly unexpected, interesting and engaging hour. 60 eclectic works which seem to create either a random extension or suspension of time that is dependent solely upon the listener’s interpretation of each piece.

Over the course of the event, the Presenters Mix was played out twice.  Comedy, catastrophe and everything in between found its place amongst the vast range of works, genres and concepts in this 60 x 60 mix.  At the end of the first hour a spontaneous round of applause drew everyone back together from the various listening points.

A second airing was then enjoyed over drinks and lively discussions on the many different favourites along with some intriguing debate on the merits of the ‘minute maxim’ itself.  The hilarious #37 by Mike Ferron; Last Night I Dreamt My House Was Clean by Elaine Lillios; Nevada by Robert Voisey; Pluvial Precipitations in the Iberian Peninsula by Juan Maria Solare and Himalayan Queen by Nivedita ShivRaj were just some of the favourites mentioned – only limited space here prevents the naming of more!

A silent black and white video made specifically for this event by its curator, Patricia Walsh, accompanied the Presenters Mix 2012 on a six-minute loop, displaying by turns the 60 x 60 Vox Novus website information and a smoothly swinging pendulum.

Many thanks to David Henckel, Dan Wilkinson and Leon Hardman at EDAU for all their help and assistance and to Lubaina Himid and Matt Gregory at Uclan.  Thanks also to Robert Ratcliffe for all his work coordinating the audio for the 60 x 60 Presenters Mix 2012.

All text and images courtesy of Patricia Walsh