60×60 Presenters Mix – Impressions in the Style of…

The Presenters Mix 2012 was played to an invited audience on Tuesday, 20 November, at the Electronic & Digital Art Unit, University of Central Lancashire, Preston UK. Each of the total sixty one minute long pieces were composed and recorded by a different artist yet played in direct succession. There are numerous mixes and variations on the 60×60 theme founded and overseen by Robert Voisey: this mix event was curated by Patricia Walsh (one of the featured composers). 

The following piece of writing is intended to mirror the experience of being a listening audience member within an installation set up of 60×60 with its rapid succession of fractured works. It also reflects upon some of the dialogue by audience members following the first play through of the work.


The Fragment: Frederick Schlegel’s reflections on the fragment as a finite and complete statement of intent within the sparsest possible form.


Swelling vocal chorus, filling the room.


The cycle contained within a minute – a distinct single identity, genre, or atmosphere is best described.


Different qualities in moving through the spaces.


Each flows into the other without pause or a beat for a time, and becomes a wave that moves with force towards…


A clock that ticks through the brief allocation in and out of syncopation.


Half finished thoughts not all complete stanzas but a glimpse, an interlude, a passing chance that opens and permits brief seconds of exchange.


No visual focus, the act of listening becomes a conscious action, its own sort of performance.


Trends identified, repeating styles of ominous building sways by synthesised strings.


Dialogue between the works, colours and conditions the listener.


Context is key.


Watching seconds count down, in anticipation.


Why no silence?


Each composer crammed within their space leaving no moment to pause or reflect.


Concentrate, listening, aware of movement, each breath.